A Truly Dynamic Diva


When I first met Jacqueline Penhos a couple of years ago, we instantly clicked. It was as though we had known each other for years—probably because we both share the gift of gab!

Photo:  Courtesy of Jacqueline Penhos
Photo: Courtesy of Jacqueline Penhos

When we finally met again, I discovered that Jackee, a self-described and passionate Generation Y’er, loves life and puts others first.

Born in Panama, to an African American father and Lebanese mother, Jackee came to the United States at age 12 and recalls how she used talking as her coping mechanism when trying to fit in with the other kids.

As a matter of fact, she admits that she was always in trouble for talking out of turn in class.  She recalls in a soft, sweet and calm voice, “You know Miss Gwen, I was that kid in class whose chair had to be moved because I was talking too much.”

Naturally, the thirty-something year old has put her gift to good use by conducting workshops, organizing events and speaking engagements which focus on empowerment and building strong personal and professional relationships.

For the past 10 years, Jackee has taught and facilitated over 200 workshops as a means to connect with diverse audiences in Career Readiness, Personal Growth, Financial Literacy, Educational Counseling, Social Media, and Military Spouse and Veteran Resources.

Another one of her passions is empowering young women and creating visionaries and thought leaders. As a former high school teacher, she taught financial literacy and personal growth to at-risk students in both traditional and non-traditional settings. Recently, in 2012 she created Dynamic Divas, a young women’s empowerment and mentoring program, a project she developed because of the impact that mentoring had on her life.

In the case of Jackee and countless others, evidently talking too much has its advantages.  I’m grateful to have made the connection with such a wonderful, young visionary who is making a difference within the community.


For more information contact Jacqueline Penhos at (619) 200-2708.






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