Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in my house was a given.


Shimbashi Izakaya, participating restaurant. Nearly 350 food enthusiasts and passionate community


by Lester “Mac” McCurtis William "Bill" McCurtis, Sr. (Oct.,7, 1918 -


Courtesy of Cornbread & Collard Greens: How West African Cuisine & Slavery Influenced Soul Food If you’re looking for a new easy sweet potato recipe

Photo courtesy of Gwen Pierce A few months ago, while visiting friends, I was intrigued by the  number of outdoor plants being grown outside of

Jazz Smollett, photo courtesy of Cleo TV If you ever get a chance to watch Cleo TV programming, check out LIVING BY DESIGN WITH JAKE

Shakerra and Angela, a Long Beach-based entrepreneurial couple. LIVING BY DESIGN WITH JAKE AND JAZZ returns tonite, Saturday, June 29 at 12 p.m. ET/11C with home design stars Jake and Jazz Smollett. The duo offers

Tea Cakes have a long history and a cultural experience throughout the Black community. Growing up on a farm in the East Texas town of

Georgia Gilmore used her cooking skills to feed the civil rights movement and to form the Club from Nowhere — deliberately named so that funds couldn’t

"The Maestro of Maestoso" By Frank Mangio Marco Maestoso is a man on a mission.  He and his lovely co-owner of Maestoso, Dalila Ercolano, operate a

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