A Woman's Worth: I Was Born a Goddess and Became a Queen


For the record, I am not a psychologist nor an expert in Gender studies.

And, I certainly know that there’s much more to learn about life. But what I do know is: I am a woman who’s discovered her worth through many trials and errors.

There is an epidemic in our society and within the African American culture. People continue to devalue and dehumanize one of our most precious resources: Our women, also known as lost Queens. Some might question, ‘how dare I use such a high name to describe a woman?’ Why not? Please do not confuse my confidence with arrogance. I am aware that all women are living with a Queen inside of them. It’s simply a matter of tapping from within and releasing our divine selves to reach our destiny.

As a little girl, I recall women being praised and loved. But then, things began to change. As I got older, I became aware of the mixed messages sent via the media and, through word of mouth. Women were constantly becoming objectified. Our feminism became our armor, our bodies became for sale and people, still associate the word “Woman,” with negativity. When in actuality, it means: “Advocacy of women’s rights and equality to men.”

I share this to say, our worth comes from our internal light. If we shine, we teach other women to do the same. 1098120_533137673424583_1561971245_n

As I graduated to being and understanding the definition of Queen, I experienced a rebirth. Never graduating to “the word” as a young woman, it’s important for every woman to refer to themselves as ‘Queen.’

I’ll never forget the year 2004, the year I decided to embark on a new self journey. I was destined to earn the title of the highest divine energy. It was throughout high school, and college, and when I entered the workforce that I began to notice that something was terribly wrong. Our sisters were committing emotional suicide. Our past insecurities, and our obsession with pop culture, has conditioned us to think and act less than our full potential. The media conditions women to act and look at themselves according to media standards of beauty.

Through no fault of their own because they weren’t taught, this also happens when our caretakers forget to bless young girl’s with the power and love of positive self reinforcement.

When I hear men say, “If you want respect, you must learn respect yourself.” There is truth to this statement, however I would like to add: “Women must remember how important it is to honor women.” We are Goddesses, our worth is beyond anything the human mind can comprehend. Women are mothers, daughters, sisters, healers and, avatars. Our worth must be demonstrated in our thoughts, actions, and words. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes women to unite and build our younger sisters.

We cannot allow history to repeat itself. The time is now and we are the ones.

Our worth comes from our esteem of self. Our serenity, wisdom, suffering, pain, love, and wisdom come from our experiences. It is our responsibility to tap into our greatness, while encouraging the next woman on her journey.

We must leave all “hate & jealousy” at the door. No one has time for that!

The growth of a girl is the most joyous transition, if it is healthy. Every woman has experienced a multitude of emotions: Heartache, disappointment, loss, pain, or disease. Every woman I know has also overcome an obstacle.

Sisters, it is time to rejoice in our magic. Reclaim your glory, remember we live in one of the most progressive times. It is 2013, and still half of us walk around mentally enslaved. Stop being a victim of society’s stereotypical mold. You are the blue print of royalty. Women, your worth comes from your feminine power! Assume your position of love, light, and honor. Our worth will be honored, once we start honoring ourselves. A woman’s worth cannot be bought, taught or ignored. It must be felt, it is a way of life.

Ladies, make the decision to have your soul glow, know your worth. Enlighten each other and illuminate the world. Honoring a woman’s worth, by loving and honoring self.

Here’s to your worth!


Article written by contributing writer Jacqueline Penhos, an advocate for youth and, regular contributor to Front Free Newsletter in San Diego.

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