Atlanta: Veteran attorneys Uwonda Carter Scott and Donald M. Woodard form entertainment law firm

March 9, 2021 – Atlanta, GA] – Veteran attorneys Uwonda Carter Scott and Donald M. Woodard have joined forces to form the entertainment law firm, Carter + Woodard. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, they each bring over 20 years of service and experience throughout the business and entertainment law space. Carter + Woodard will provide exemplary service to clients across the industry landscape and lead the way in how progressive entertainment law is practiced. The firm is driven to deliver an unmatched level of care to clients and will offer clients the opportunity to work with leading attorneys who are true power players in the entertainment industry. Uwonda  and Donald are joined in the founding of the firm with their partner, John E. Seay, also based in Atlanta.

Carter + Woodard provides an option of an African American-owned full service entertainment law firm, at a time when a nationwide call for social justice reform and increased corporate social responsibility continue to impact the industry. Leaders across the country are calling for support of Black-owned businesses and professionals, to offer more diverse options for representation. Naturally, since the firm is based in Atlanta, Georgia, widely considered the center of African American culture, Carter + Woodard will play an integral role in that conversation.
“Uwonda has been my attorney for 9 going on 10 years now and was already a key role player in Atlanta entertainment long before that. I’m honored to be a part of her journey as we celebrate this big move.”  – Metro Boomin

“Uwonda has been a pillar in the ATLANTA entertainment community for two decades. She has played a huge part in the launch and growth of many of pop culture’s superstar artists and producers. “– Chris Hicks, Chief Innovation Officer – Quality Control 
“When I became famous, I didn’t really know what I needed. After meeting Uwonda, I knew instantly she would be a good fit for my team, not only because she was passionate about her profession but because I knew she would have my best interests at hand.” – Lil Yachty
“When Donald led the negotiations for my $8 million dollar recording artists deal, he changed my life.  He is the real deal and behind his cool presence is a beast at the negotiating table.  Much success to him in his new venture.”– NLE Choppa
“When I was looking for an entertainment lawyer, I wanted someone who was well respected in the entertainment community, who had experience, understood the culture of the industry and had power to make things happen. Donald checked all of the boxes so it was an easy decision to hire him as my entertainment attorney. I am excited to be a part of this new chapter for his firm and what it means for Atlanta and the industry.” –   Summer Walker
“Donald is a seasoned professional who is highly respected by both the artists and business community.  He is very effective, practical and tough but fair negotiator.  Donald has always embraced the artist’s point of view, which is why so many of them have flocked to tap into his expertise over the years.  I would recommend Donald and his new firm to anyone seeking high level counsel in the entertainment space and cannot wait to work with his firm on future endeavors.”  – LA Reid

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