Author and Entrepreneur, Tiffaney Malott Shares Her Multi-Million Dollar SEAcret.

Written and interviewed by Jazmin Steele, Pretty On Purpose: Where Women Soar Like Eagles 


Tiffaney Malott Credit:  Facebook photos
Tiffaney Malott
Credit: Facebook photos

Raised in Orange Park, FL in a middle-class working home along her brother and sister, it’s safe to say Tiffaney Malott (née Beverly) was groomed for success. The environment growing up was none other than a loving and encouraging one. “My mother was my idol and my father was my best friend. They always, always believed in us and told us that we could do anything we put our minds to”, recalls Tiffaney. With an inherent backbone to face the world, Tiffaney did just that. After graduating high school she went on to college, the Air Force, and back to college again. “I was always different. Most of my life I was surrounded by white people. I learned to hold my own in those environments but never quite fit it. I’m a chocolate skinned black woman so it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t one of them (she laughs).” Her last shot at college was at a historically black university (which she deliberately chose) and guess what?  She didn’t fit in there either. Malott started her career making a decent living in a jelly factory on third shift. But a fateful conversation with her father turned destiny around for this multi-millionaire entrepreneur, wife and mother of 4.

What are some of your fondest childhood memories?

I had a good childhood. My brother, sister and I were the three musketeers.  I remember when it rained growing up in Florida; we would put on talent shows for our parents. We’d write up scripts and give invitations to our parents and they would always show up early in the living room. They clapped and cheered. They always supported us.

Are your parents a big influence on who you are today?

Yes. I remember being more afraid of my mom than God because God wouldn’t show up and whip your butt. They loved the Lord and put that in my heart as a child.

Your father is no longer alive. Is it safe to say that you are carrying the torch for the both of them?

Absolutely. My mom picked cotton growing up and my dad came from the projects. Our parents gave us their all and I really work hard in their honor. My dad died 14 years ago and unfortunately my parents didn’t live out a lot of their dreams.

Tell us about the fateful conversation with your father.

My dad ALWAYS worked. After retirement he received half a paycheck. He continued working in spite of his health and eventually passed on. Prior to, he planted a seed in me, suggesting that there was a better way to make a six-figures, a better way to spend time with family and have more in life.  He told me that I didn’t have to be stuck in a factory on 3rd shift making jelly until retirement. Almost exactly two years to the date of that conversation, I got introduced to the network marketing industry.

What were some of your hurdles transitioning from a 9-5 to business ownership in network marketing?

My first hurdle was realizing that people don’t work for you. The only person that works for you is you. I used to be a supervisor so I was stuck to the idea that people had to do what I said.  Now, instead of employing people, I attract people.

 What’s Seacret and why are you so passionate about it?

Seacret is a skin care company that derives its minerals and healing properties from the Dead Sea.  Historically, the Dead Sea is known for curing things like arthritis, mental fatigue, migraines, eczema, etc. Our products not only help with beauty but feeling great too! The first thing I loved about Seacret was its uniqueness.

What sets Seacret apart from other skincare companies?

No one else derives its product from the Dead Sea. We are the only one! We deliver immediate and lasting results. Although, there are numerous skincare companies in and out of network marketing, people know the name Seacret. We have been around since 2005 and sold more than $850 million in products in over 40 countries.

How has this company changed your life personally?

My husband and I both reached a six figure income in our last company and that’s huge coming from an ex-jelly maker and ex-janitor but I realized that there were more aggressive compensation plans in this industry and it was a good time for us to transition. Seacret has put out a compensation plan that pays so much more for the same effort. I can look someone in the eye and know that I can really help them earn a great income. We have helped 14 people earn six-figures in the last 21 months. My husband and I earned $1.2 million last year in Seacret.

Who is your target market?

People with skin (she laughs). People that are tired of the rat race and those sincerely looking for change. Our personal organization has over 25,000 agents and we are looking to grow exponentially over the next months and years.

You are a busy entrepreneur, wife and mother of 4. How do you balance it all?

My whole thing with balance is taking care of my time with God, my family and myself; even if it’s only 30 minutes a day.  Also, turning off the cell phone, television, Facebook and Twitter! All these modern day conveniences need a timeframe. You do those things and you’ll have balance.

Any tips for busy moms on getting in the q.t.?

Well, for example, if I am watching a movie with my 3 year old then I’m not texting or doing a conference call. Or if I am with my husband, we turn off the television and have focused time together. There’s a difference between spending an hour with your family but your texting the whole time versus having 20 minutes of focused time. Also, don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself.

Speaking of balance, you wrote a book called “30 Days to a Better You” which is being sold on What motivated that book?

This book actually came by accident. I was hosting a women’s event and wanted to give a gift to the guests. So I made a pamphlet of a 30-day journal to track their success. Afterwards, I started getting calls from ladies that wanted to do the 30-day journal with their daughters, their mothers, and their book clubs. I just got inundated with requests. Then my husband brought it to my attention that I had “writing a book” on my dream board. We published 2000 copies and they were literally gone in 6 weeks. People still ask to this day about that book.

I read the book and I loved it. For the busy person that has a lot on their plate or on their mind, the book serves as that little piece to the puzzle they need to get their life in order. Writing more?

I am working on publishing another one in 2014.

If you could change anything in your life what would it be?

All of my challenges have made me the woman that I am today.  Although, when I transitioned out of my last company, that was one of the toughest business decisions that I ever made.  Those relationships were like family and I wish I could have changed the way the situation unfolded. My choices to move on were solely based on my husband, our children and our future.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my blended-multicultural family.  I have 3 step-daughters and a biracial daughter of my own. My husband being white, we had to deal with a lot of ridicule for our choice to be together. My husband was coming out of a nasty divorce then here comes this black woman in the picture (she laughs as she recalls).  We have become a strong family unit despite the meanness and drama. As hard as a blended family can be, it’s worth it.  Love sees no color.  In our own little way, I hope we shed some light on the world that it’s not about what you see, but what you don’t see that matters.

What’s next for Tiffaney Malott?

Well, I have a few things on my bucket list.  We want to go on an African safari, do a genealogy search of our family tree and travel to the Dead Sea! Right now, our favorite place to travel is our villa on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. Soon, I will re-launch my talk show and start a leadership and coaching company where I can give 100% of the proceeds to charity.

Any closing remarks?

Thank you for allowing me to share today! We are working hard to help Seacret become the next legacy company in network marketing. While we focus to help others, we hope to brand our company as a breath of fresh air to the industry.


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