Black-owned ridesharing app offers an all inclusive edge to Uber and Lyft


Smartphone apps used for ridesharing companies Lyft and Uber have become a big part of the travelers busy lifestyle. Whether it’s business or leisure, flexible transportation services is a booming tech business.

Featured recently in Essence, black-owned app Moovn, first launched in 2015, by entrepreneur Godwin Gabriel, is currently available in seven U.S. cities and 3 in Africa.

Gabriel, educated at the  University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business was born in Tanzania, shared with Urban Geekz that he is a self taught developer and coder.

The app currently operates in seven cities in the United States, including New York City, Atlanta and San Fransisco. It’s also available in select cities in sub-Saharan Africa- Johannesburg, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya and Gabriel’s hometown of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.  Users also have the option to choose from local vehicle options ― like bikes ― available, especially in developing countries.

Uber and Lyft, which are absent in some African countries altogether, may not be all inclusive with service to women and customers of color in the States, a recent study revealed. In October, the National Bureau of Economic Research found that drivers of both companies treat passengers differently ― or even cancel their ride request ― based on race or gender.

Gabriel also told UrbanGeeks that Moovn plans to expand to 20 cities worldwide by March 2017.

What sets Moovn apart from the others? For one, it allows you to pre-schedule rides up to a month ahead of time. You also can select the vehicle type as well, among other options that Lyft and Uber do not offer.

For more information on the Moovn app, visit their official website hereshutterstock_342660854_teicwp


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