Book Review: “LOVE INCORRUPTIBLE” A Woman’s Reflective Journey to Freedom


Here’s a big shout-out to author Jazmin Steele on sharing a compelling story of abandonment, love, loss, betrayal, forgiveness and resilience, in her debut novel Love Incorruptible (Lulu, $15.95 – soft cover and $26.95- hard cover).

The protagonist, Brooklen Sapphire, is based on real life occurrences in Steele’s life who resonates instantly with readers from beginning to end. The writer bares all in the telling of a complicated story of a young woman’s journey to freedom from years of heartbreaking emotional, and physical abuse.

The author takes the reader on a journey into how child abandonment and dysfunction can turn into a thirst for looking for love and acceptance from all of the wrong people, in all the wrong places.

Steele’s ability to go deep on a range of relationships will have you gasping for air.

In her account of her youth, she does not sugarcoat teen sexual experiences, or a yearning for a complicated type of romance that many young girls suffer from what’s defined in urban terms as, “Thug Love.”

Love Incorruptible is a beautifully written book from a talented writer, that offers a voice to young girls and women who have struggled with insecurities and self-worth, produced by a cycle of broken and unstable relationships. 

Some might argue the reading as strictly for adults. I say, please share with your young teenaged girls.


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