Chatting With Military Diva and Entrepreneur/Business Owner of Slumber Parties by Monique

Business owner Monique Bolden says, “Don’t knock it until you try it.” For some, that might sound a bit risqué, but in her business, Slumber Parties by Monique, it’s just that simple — have some fun while hosting a guilt free ladies night out.

Last week, the feisty and petite twenty-eight year old chatted with The Chocolate Voice about why she chose to work with bedroom accessory products and how it has helped her gain confidence while building a successful business.

Monique Bolden Owner of Slumber Parties by Monique
Monique Bolden Owner of Slumber Parties by Monique 

TCV: What inspired you to get into the business of bedroom accessories?

Monique:  Originally it was because my ex was deployed and I needed something fun to do. Plus, I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. At the time, I was Second Lieutenant in the Army stationed in Indiana, and I decided to host my business launch party, which started out as a hobby. I made over $200 dollars in sales and at my second party, I made over $600 dollars. I was like, I’m sold! The products pretty much sold themselves. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be doing this for almost seven years. This business has really helped my self-confidence and marketability grow.

TCV:  Explain how Slumber Parties by Monique has helped your self-confidence?

Monique:  I was always super shy and introverted about sex—talking about it and even owning my sexual/sensual self.  This business “forced” me to grow out of that in more ways than one. Honestly, you can’t be afraid to talk about a taboo subject with women. You learn to speak about it with confidence—it definitely helped me and also pushed me out of my comfort zone. Knowing that I am helping to educate women on how to save their relationship helps me feel more secure, because I know that I am providing an invaluable service and product. It’s important to share that we are educating women on how to save relationships.

TCV:  As a mom, I just have to ask, what does your mother say about your line of business?

Monique: I never grew up in a house where we talked about it, when I first had the conversation with her, she was shocked because she wasn’t even aware that I was sexually active. But once we got past that initial conversation, she understood that it is a business, and she supports me and respects me for it.

TCV:  Some women, particularly in the African American culture, shy away from taboo topics, how do you handle them?

Monique: First of all, when they start to shy away from the topic, I tell them We WILL talk about this.  This is where health class ends and I’m here to educate you on body parts. We have food, play games and I make it really fun! In our community we have always shied away from taboo subjects, like using protective sex, and yet we are the number one people in the world with H.I.V.  It’s a huge issue in our community. I always tell people I’m keeping married people together and single people safe.  Also I have to add this, in the Black community we are behind in lots of things including money education and so on. I mean we are catching up, but this is why I am in business for myself.

TCV:  How would you describe the diverse make up of your team?

Monique:  We are a very diverse group of women.  We have African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Military members, Military spouses and Housewives, which are those who I call domestic divas—college students, etc.  The diversity on our team continues to expand and, I welcome it because every woman can relate to what we have to offer.

TCV:  Tell us about your most unique party?

Monique:  Recently, I held a party on an Indian Reservation in Yuma, AZ.  It was so cool because a lady just called me up and said, ‘I want a Sistah to do my party,’ and now she’s a part of my team.  That turned out to be one of the most fun parties!

TCV: Explain how the business is structured?

Monique:  We are a direct sales company, structured in the same fashion as Avon or Mary Kay.  Independent contractors (also known as “consultants”) start out with investing in a basic, premiere, or deluxe business started kit for $250, $500, or $1000 respectively.  Consultants have the option to build a business within a business support system, similar to franchising. We are still operating independently from the corporate office, but are required to uphold the corporate quality and standards.  Not only that, we are paid based on personal sales, residual income (team sales), and ecommerce sales.  Residual income should be considered the new 401k plan!

TCV:  What is the size of your team?

Monique:  Right now I have 30 girls working on my team from all across the country. We are everywhere from Arizona, California, Georgia, Washington, D.C. Oklahoma, Texas. We were initially an international team that spanned to Korea and we hope to become international again soon.

TCV:  How much does it cost to have an at home party?

Monique:  Our parties are fun and FREE! It doesn’t cost anything to have a ladies night party.  However, I do make sure my hostesses know, understand, and respect that this is how I pay my bills. We simply set a date, I assist with all the party prepping and planning such as setting up invites, mailings, food suggestions, etc., and I literally bring the store to your door!

We carry a wide range of products from, lotions, potions, lingerie, bedroom accessories (Toys) and books that I refer to as love manuals.  We make it convenient for you and your party guests to shop in comfort and more importantly in a private and confidential setting.

TCV:  What are your goals?

Monique:  My ultimate goal is to achieve the highest corporate level position in the company, help hundreds of women achieve financial freedom, and continue to love what I do. Loving what you do is extremely vital for me and I absolutely love it!!

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