Deepak Chopra: Achieve True Results by Channeling from the Strength of Those who Came Before Us

Speaking yesterday at the ESSENCE festival Empowerment series, spiritual advisor Dr. Deepak Chopra, says there’s a better way of enacting change within our society.


Deepak C'hopra
Deepak C’hopra

As we listen to and watch news outlets deliver the tragedies plaguing our society, Dr. Chopra advises that we hit our inner “pause button,” breathe and ask ourselves the following three questions:

1. How can I serve?
2. How can I help?
3. How can I find a creative solution?

He says that it’s when we channel our inner strength—and the strength of those who came before us—that we can achieve true results.

“The Black community needs to say that, this is a time for us to look at all of our mentors, from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Rosa Parks to all the athletes to all the musicians,” he said. “The archetypal energy of all these great people is part of our collective soul. We need to get in touch with our collective soul.”

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