Democracy Unchained

Give me liberty or give me death; Trump’s votes were organized transitioned in Georgia with no sustainability. Stacy Abrams votes were monopolized in Georgia with white privilege. 

Standards of operation of equal justice torments constituents of rhetoric. 

Unhinged with white democracy their follicle of reasoning is canvasing the ocean floor of their thoughts. 

Their narrative of stolen is unconstitutional to Black Lives Matter. 

Governing their hypocrisy with his monumental abstract thinking, their justice is unheralded.

James Byrd Jr, Emmitt Tills, Medgar Evers, James E Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Mary Hattie Graham Turner, Pastor Clementa Pinckney.

No justice lived for them! Democracy of white supremacy executed the life of their human rights for living. 

Undisputed lies of fathom votes arrested their minds with sadistic morality of injunctions.  

Unjustified and feeble chaos ascended the grounds of this land of democracy for Trumps contentious thinking. 

Masquerades of truths hidden in protestors of U.S.A. chants of stolen. 

Domestic Terrorists disguised as patriots fortified themselves with a seat at the White House table.

Democracy unchained catapulted the vision of Rudy Giuliani, trial by combat; democracy unchained captured the heart of patriots for Donald Trump with these words “we love you you’re very special”!

Written by Theodore Mosley

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