Fan pens moving poem for legendary Chadwick Boseman

Written by Theodore Mosley


With the swag of his blackness he filled the screen with grace.

Wakanda blazed the world with infinite culture of wisdom, knowledge and innovative technology. 

Black Panther embodied Black Lives Matter with pride and humility.

His ability to transform from king to kingdom showed the world of his majestic beauty and power.

He stood for justice; he sat on his throne for peace; he declared his ownership within his words of power.

The world waited for his appearance; the world stood still in awe; the world applauded his performance of Black superiority in action.

His father gave him direction of purpose; his mother gave him strength of life.

Black Panther gave us ownership of black pride within; Black Panther gave us what white supremacy tried taking away. 

Wakanda forever!

Arms crossed in Black Power he ascended the mountains of breaking chains of suppressions. 

Wakanda forever!

King T’Challa represents the wholeness of Black culture personified. 

He walked powerfully in the shadows of Thurgood Marshall against the demons of racism.

He fortified his swing in 42 for Jackie Robinson with our Black culture to fight the powers that be.

Get up get on up get up Get on Up; his skills and talents were on full display as the Godfather of Soul; 

Wakanda forever!

He shut down NYC with 21 Bridges to cross with no apology. 

Da 5 Bloods entombed his perseverance; his tenacity unheralded; strength beyond his brokenness; his love his blackness was undeniable on the screen for the last call of his craft.  

Chadwick Boseman the Legend of Black Panther gave the world insight into Black Lives unapologetically young gifted and black.

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