Hillary Clinton Makes an Appearance at the 2016 Stellar Awards

Tina Campbell and Hilary Clinton

While in Las Vegas for the Nevada Democratic Caucuses Hillary Clinton, made an appearance at the Stellar Awards.

In an interview with NewsOne Now Clinton says, “the Stellar Awards “lifted my spirits.”

“I am so grateful because the artists and arrangers and the writers tap into something so deep, and I am a person of faith and I am a person who finds inspiration and support and meaning in many different ways, but what’s better than raising your voices to God and being able to connect that brings others along with you,” Clinton said.

During her brief remarks, Clinton mentioned the ongoing water crisis in Flint, MI saying, “It’s heartbreaking to see a community being poisoned because of the indifference, neglect of their governor.” 

The former Secretary of State who recently toured the devastated city and visited a house of prayer credited the people of Flint for their resiliency which they expressed through gospel music.

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