Historic Midterm Elections and History Making Fresh Faces

Despite a few disappointments, black voters showed up in a big way at yesterday’s midterm elections. And, there’s a lot to be said for that alone.

Historically midterm elections are unpopular among not only black, but all registered voters.  Approximately 114 million votes were cast in U.S. House races in 2018, compared to 83 million in 2014, according to estimates by the New York Times

With the current political climate as it stands, it’s apparent that people feel strongly discouraged by the present administration, and demanded to see a change. With a reported 50 (give or take) percent disapproval rating of the Trump Administration, some might argue that approval ratings was the determining factor in a voter turnout that has been among watched mid-term election in history. 

With that being said, the outcome of the 2018 election resulted in a record breaking number of women, and history-makers.  At press time there are over 112 women who now have seats in U.S. Congress—the most women to serve in Congress at once in history. (The previous record was 107.) 

This is great news simply because—representation matters.

Based on the results, although the Republican party keeps control of the Senate, it’s obvious that woke America didn’t go down without a fight, and the Democrats who strongly oppose President Trumps policies, flipped the house and are on track to pick up more that 30 house seats. 

Here are a few history making fresh faces—


Joe Neguse (D), Colorado, first man of Eritrean descent elected to Congress.

Before Joe Neguse was born, his parents fled Eritrea during the civil war there and moved to California. Joe was born a few years later. Last night he was elected to Congress in a blowout in Colorado. First man ever of Eritrean descent elected to Congress.

Massachusetts Democrat Ayanna Pressley made history Tuesday by becoming the state’s first black woman elected to Congress.

Democrat Ayanna Pressley won an uncontested race to represent a deep-blue district in the Boston area, after defeating a veteran Congressman in her primary two months ago.Pressley, the first woman of color ever elected to the Boston City Council, is now the first black woman ever elected to Congress from Massachusetts.

Lauren Underwood, a health policy expert  just became the first woman ever to represent the 14th district of Illinois in Congress!

Lauren Underwood, 4th district of Illinois.

Letitia James being elected the Attorney General of the State of New York. Not only is she the first Black woman EVER elected to statewide office, she’s going to do an amazing job in the position. She will immediately bring the integrity and stability this position so desperately needs after recent scandals. Rooting for her success.


Letitia (Tish) James, New York Attorney General


Voters elected the country’s first Muslim congresswomen, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota (pictured) and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, both Democrats.

All 19 black women who ran for various judicial seats in Harris County won their races last night, marking the single biggest victory for black women in the county’s history.



Congratulations to all!

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