India Arie’s New Song ‘Breathe’ inspired by Eric Garner’s Last Words

India Arie just released a beautiful and powerful song geared toward peace and unity, while incorporating Eric Garner’s last words.




In the video, Arie is surrounded by loved ones as she sings, “Sometimes you just can’t believe the things your eyes see, so much injustice in this life and it’s happening right on your TV screen. So you drop to your knees and you’re praying ‘cause you can hear him saying he can’t breathe, and it’s all so overwhelming, because you know there’s nothing you can do to help him.”


The song not only addresses the heartbreaking death of Eric Garner but is an emotional response to the multiple police killings of black men across America. She has always used her voice and music as a platform for social change, and is again taking a stand against injustice through her strong lyrics. It is our hope that this song can contribute to the bigger conversation of positive social change, and encourages action while spreading love into our communities.


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