Interview: The Queen Latifah Show Aims to Push People Past Their Comfort Zone





After a highly successful career in the entertainment industry, Queen Latifah, also known as Dana Owens, says being a talk show host is no longer on her bucket list.

Since the beginning of her career, which started in her teens, the multi-talented star has won a Grammy, a Golden Globe, a BET Image Award, an Oscar nomination, and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, just to highlight a few of her accomplishments.

During a press conference call with The Chocolate Voice on Friday, Queen Latifah said, “With as much bad news as we see every day, it’s good to see people out there doing positive things that give you hope. I’m an optimist.” This positive attitude will surely been seen on the reigning Queen of Hip Hop’s daytime talk show,The Queen Latifah Show, which airs on Monday, September 16. (Check your local listings for show times.)

“I want to make this show a big hit, I really do. I feel if we can make this show a big hit, we have the power to change people’s lives. That means a lot to me,” she says. “I want my show to be must-see TV, that’s my goal. The goal of the show is to push people past their comfort zone where they will want to tune in and be entertained,” she goes on to say.

During this 43-year-old trailblazer’s career, she has made quite a few influential and huge (as she puts it) friends along the way, including: Will and Jada Smith, who are producers of the show and whom she’s known since they were teens.

In addition to A-Listers Will and Jada, Latifah has enlisted more influential friends to help with the show.  The set was designed by Lenny Kravitz, with whom she shares a love for interior decorating.  She wants the set to feel comfortable, as if guests are inside of her own home.

At the end of the day, The Queen wants to provide an entertaining hour, which will include the chance for the audience to see her perform.  She has also enlisted close friends, who also happen to be huge in the music industry, to help with the musical side of the show, including: Mc Lyte, DJ Jazzy Jeff and D Nice, who is guaranteed to get the crowd moving.

Latifah’s goal is to appeal to a diverse audience of people who like to think outside the box.  She says the show will highlight regular people who do amazing things every day.

Contributors of this article:  Gwen Pierce and

Rochelle Porter

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