Saturday, August 13, 2022

It’s National Ice Cream Day!

Yes, that’s right – today, July 17th, is National Ice Cream Day! We stumbled upon this list of a few black owned ice cream shops via Official Black Wall Street , and we are so thrilled to support them. Check out a few places on the list below, and if you’re in their city, stop by! 🙂



brooklynMM! Doesn’t that banana nut bread ice cream look amazing?!  Ron and Kati Cunningham are the founders of Brooklyn Bell, a cute little ice cream shop in Brooklyn. The flavors range from the traditional vanilla and chocolate, but you can also get flavors with a southern twist, From this banana nut bread pictured, to sweet potato AND pecan pie flavors, this shop is sure to cure that sweet tooth.


Looks like we’ll be ordering some online tonight!




HANKSHow cute are Hank and  Okemah Wiggins?

They’ve been serving up ice cream goodness since 1985. Their Houston based shop has brought smiles to the community for years and we’re proud to continue supporting them. You can’t buy their flavors online so you just have to book a flight to Houston and stop by and taste the ice cream in person!

9291 S. Main St • Houston




king kona

Located in LA, King Kone is a family owned business providing delicious soft serve ice cream around the community. Owned by Teddy and Naimeh Lawrence, the ice cream parlor on wheels serves up quality and creative treats that is sure to make you feel good!


Bye bye Dairy Queen, hello King Kone!


Check em out, or book them for your next party!




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