Jury Deliberations Underway in George Floyd Murder Trial

Waiting on Justice Or Just Us?

“Will the Evidence Change the Conclusion or will the Conclusion Change the Evidence?”

Gianna Floyd

By DL White

From the pages of Logic 101. There is evidence and there are conclusions, what impact does each have on the other?

The case against former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin appear to be a “slam dunk” for the Prosecution……Right?  Time will tell……

“We have been here before,” noted Elijah James, a retired educator and self-proclaimed historian from the red clay and mountainous regions of Northern California. 

James was referencing the number of Black men in particular and people of color in general experiencing excessive force, battering and in too many cases fatal outcomes  while in custody of those sworn to {protect and serve}.

The George Floyd murder trial has weaved its way to final arguments. Along the way, Floyd was made into a drug using, ill fated, weak heart individual who for some reason could not endure the more than nine minutes 19 year Minneapolis  police veteran Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck. Chauvin’s actions have been called brutal, unnecessary, unwarranted, deadly and opposite of the policy outlined by the Minneapolis Police Department.

The Prosecutor in the case Steve Schleicher stated, “This was not policing, this was murder. Officer Chauvin chose pride over policing. The officer’s heart was too small.”

The Defense countered with “had it not been for Floyd’s past drug use and weak heart, he would not have succumbed on that fatal day – May 25, 2020, which setoff weeks of protest across the country and around the world. Floyd, a Houston, Texas native had moved to Minnesota for a change of pace and to put things in order in his life.  According to reports and an autopsy – he was not using or were there any evidence (none) that any substance contributed to his death.

The Prosecution called (38) witnesses, played dozens of clips during the 11 days it put on its case. A few of the witnesses called included the Minneapolis Chief of Police and several member of the Law Enforcement community in Minnesota all of whom affirmed Chauvin’s actions were extreme, excessive and very unnecessary. Conversely, the Defense called (7) witness over their two day period most of whom were brought in to testify that George Floyd’s health condition and not Chauvin’s  knee contributed to Floyd’s death. This begs the question (or a point of clarification) to the Defense and all watching the trial…..George Floyd is the victim here!! It is former officer (19 year veteran) Chauvin who is on trial for murder!!

Chauvin has been charged with 2nd degree murder, 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter. Each charge carries lengthy sentences; the Prosecution is on record stating “the very nature of this case against Chauvin reeks with aggravated circumstances that require a longer sentence. Floyd’s family has been present at the trial throughout the proceedings and on a few occasions have held press conference following calling for justice for their brother, whom they often referenced as “a kind individual” who would give his shirt off his back if asked.

“Our little niece (Floyd’s daughter) will have to grow up without a father.  He will not see her begin school, go to college and maybe one day get married. But we are here for her and we will remind her of what a good guy (George Floyd) was,” shared one of the Floyd brothers.

The City of Minneapolis is bracing for the trial’s outcome. If exonerated the city could explode – literally and figuratively speaking. The frustration, anger and pain of years past and ongoing issues with law enforcement would again come to a boiling point.

While many witnessing the mid-day murder in real time – pondered why a trial was even necessary, a not guilty verdict would increase their mistrust of the Justice System.

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