Kevin & Serena Join Forces for Nike

Photo: Nike

Photo: Nike


Kevin Hart and Serena Williams make a dynamic duo in their hilarious promo videos for the Nike+ Training Club app. The actual workout consists of 15-minute cardio, push-ups, high knees, jump squats and more, but you can also burn calories from laughing at the back and forth jokes! In one of the videos Kevin mentions that he suffers from “WaterHamstringItis”, an awful (and also totally fake) disease in which he retains water only in his hamstrings, which prevents him from stretching out properly. The duo also hilariously decides on a name for their workout, after Kevin bosses Serena around telling her, “Head up girl! And tap your feet faster!” He also suggests that their name should be “Kevin the-wreck-it HART! And Serena, the ball.”


Watch the videos below for some laughs, and also encouragement to work out!



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