La Jolla Playhouse world-premier of The Last Tiger in Haiti



A gripping world-premiere drama, “The Last Tiger In Haiti,” opens June 28 thru July 24 at La Jolla Playhouse.

Synopsis: It’s the final night of Kanaval in Haiti, and a group of abandoned children spend it trading fantastic folktales until the line between reality and fiction blurs. At daybreak, the oldest plans to leave for a new life but discovers the story of his future and past are in the hands of someone else. Set in a world that is utterly real and remarkably imaginative, this unforgettable new play weaves Haitian lore into a contemporary narrative of survival and betrayal.

The Last Tiger in Haiti is written by Jeff Augustin and directed by Joshua Kahan Brody.  The cast members include:  Brittany Bellizeare (Rose), Andy Lucien (Max), Clinton Roane (Emmanuel), Jasmine St. Claire (Laurie) and Reggie D. White (Joseph).

Tickets start at $20.00.

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