LeBron James Foundation Plans to Build STEM Based School in Akron

On Tuesday, it was announced that MVP LeBron James is in the process of developing and building a school named, I PROMISE, in partnership with his Lebron James Family Foundation and Akron’s public schools.

The foundation’s Facebook page describes the school as being for first through eighth grade students and will offer a four-year scholarship for those who qualify.

The school is expected to open Fall 2018, and will have a “STEM/Problem-Based Learning focus” along with the foundation’s philosophy of “We Are Family” as a way to establish a home for students and their families.

The I PROMISE school will be for at-risk Akron, Ohio youth, who may fall behind their peers, but are provided with “the resources, mentorship, and encouragement they need to stay on track.”

James’ foundation has been working with kids for years and have learned how to motivate them.

He said, “… now we can bring all of that together in one place along with the right resources and experts. If we get to them early enough, we can hopefully keep them on the right track to a bigger and brighter future for themselves and their families.”

David James, the superintendent of Akron’s Public Schools, said of the opening of the I PROMISE school,“We are excited about the potential of the I PROMISE School to provide specialized programming and invaluable resources for our students. We’ve seen the positive influence of the LeBron James Family Foundation on our students and we look forward to continuing to do everything we can to put our students in a position to be successful.”

James is our chocolate hero on and off the court.

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