Photo: Maxine Waters Praises Tucson NAACP For its Strength

Special Honoree Ms. Kiana Adams-Baker (Red dress holding plaque) poses with friends, family and councilwoman Maxine Waters. Photo: Joe Jackson/NAACP

(Tucson, AZ) Congresswoman Maxine Waters spoke to a conference room filled with dignitaries, honorees, guests and members of the community at Desert Diamond Entertainment Center in Tucson, Arizona at the invitation of the NAACP Tucson Branch for its 99th Annual Freedom Fund dinner on October 5, 2018.

Waters, thanked the NAACP Tucson Branch by having this to say…

“Tucson has been a strong branch for many years with so many people making sacrifices, working hard to do the work and complete the mission on behalf of the NAACP to ensure voting rights.”

The national NAACP adopted this years theme as “Defeat Hate. Vote.  The night wouldn’t have been right without Auntie Maxine (an adopted name given to the congresswoman by millienials) sharing a piece of her mind. 

“If you want to defeat hate, get rid of 45.” Said Waters.

The crowd roared with laughter and hearty clapping could be heard throughout the event space.  Waters praised special counsel Robert Mueller in his ongoing investigation in obstruction of justice. She told the crowd of over 340 people, “Mr. Mueller knows what he’s doing. He’s been absolutely wonderful at carrying out his responsibilities. He’s going to get number 45 too.”

And of course a fired up Waters weighed in on Brett Kavanaugh hearings:

“I don’t want you to give up. Kavanaugh’s confirmation will not serve without being challenged, interrupted, protested and, the women are not going to let him off the hook.”

Following the feisty congresswoman’s speech, one by one, each of the honorees and the two scholarship recipients took to the stage to receive recognition:


Mr. Walter Hopkins, Economic Stability

Dr. Patricia Harrision-Monroe, Health

Mi Familia Vota, Voting Rights & Political Representation

Ms. Yevette Sykes, Expanding Youth & Young Adult  Engagement.

Mr. Charles “Mr. K” Kendrick, Education

Mr. Shadrick “Standman” Blair, Education

Chief Judge Raner C. Collins, Public Safety & Criminal Justice

Kiana Adams-Baker, Special Honoree

Mr. Bruce A. Wright, Presidential Award

Scholarship Awardees:

Ms. Pearl Craig

Ms. Tiana Lee

NAACP Tucson President Doris Snowden, closed out the evening inviting guests to become a member and volunteer for upcoming events and committees. 

Lastly, congresswoman Maxine Waters, so graciously stayed after the program was over, and took individual photo’s with every person who wanted to be photographed with her.

Scholarship recipients. Pearl Craig and Tiana Lee. Photo credit: Joe Jackson
Honorees for Education, Mr. Charles “Mr. K” Kendrick and Shadrick “Standman” Blair pose with president Doris Snowden. Photo credit: Joe Jackson/NAACP


Honoree Judge Raner C. Collins, Public Safety & Criminal Justice and Wife Theresa pose with councilwoman Maxine Waters. Photo credit: Joe Jackson/NAACP
Honoree Walter Hopkins, Economic Stability poses with president of NAACP Tucson Branch, Doris Snowden. Photo credit:  Joe Jackson/NAACP


Internationally known jazz vocalist Joe Bourne,  was the entertainment for the evening poses with councilwoman Maxine Waters. Photo credit: Joe Jackson/NAACP
2018 Freedom Fund Committee Member, Lorna Ingram pose with Congresswoman Waters. Photo credit: Joe Jackson/NAACP
Congressman, Raul Grijalva representative for Arizona’s third congressional district poses with young host. Photo credit: Joe Jackson/NAACP
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