National Black Voter Day: OWN partners with NowThis to create powerful content

With just under 45 days left until a pivotal election, where the Black voters stand to make a tremendous impact, NowThis and OWN launched their first ever formal content partnership to share stories from Black women voters across the country and to spotlight changemakers who are helping their communities become more civically engaged.  

A part of the “OWN Your Vote” campaign, the partnership’s goal is to support bipartisan registration and get-out-the-vote activations with national and local grassroots and voting rights organizations to provide tools and resources that will empower Black women to vote this November.

Stories focus on Black women changemakers and highlight issues that uniquely impact the Black community including obstacles to voting regarding challenges around COVID-19, mail-in ballots, voter suppression, transportation, and changing protocols and poll locations; connecting the everyday issues critical to Black women to the issues appearing on the ballot;  empowering this key voting block to own their voting story, and make a plan to ensure success at the polls; encouraging local community activism and leveraging personal networks; and collaborating with the voting rights partnership community to support mail-in voting, voter registration, volunteerism, transportation, and safety procedures.  

Quote from Jennifer Giddens, head of marketing at OWN and spearheading the Oprah Winfrey Network’s OWN Your Vote Initiative:

 “During this election cycle, we are hearing from our audience about the urgent need to address policy reform, and to create balance to the disparities that exist regarding affordable healthcare, the disproportionate negative impact of policy on Black communities,  systemic racism, and racial discrimination. ” said Jennifer Giddens, head of marketing, OWN. “We are proud to partner with NowThis to create a content series  that not only showcases the impact Black women have when we own our voice and actions, but now, more than ever, empowers Black women to own their vote to fight for some of the most important issues in America today. ”

Quote from NowThis chief content officer Tina Exarhos:

“NowThis is excited to deepen our partnership with OWN for this important project highlighting Black women voters, and the issues that uniquely impact Black communities ahead of this pivotal election,” said NowThis’ Chief Content Officer Tina Exarhos. “NowThis and OWN’s shared commitment to elevating underrepresented stories and fostering civic engagement make us ideal partners for bringing these stories to the largest and most engaged audience possible.” 

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