No Mr. President, today was not a Great Day in America

Reflecting and thinking out (LOUD)…….
By D.L. White

Protests continue across America and around the world in the aftermath of the inhumane, and senseless death of George Floyd in broad daylight in Minneapolis. Germany, London, Amsterdam, and France, have all held protest marches to honor the memory and call to question his broad daylight murder by the hands (knee) of a supposedly public servant “sworn to protect & serve?”

On (Friday, June 5), in what appeared to be a hurried press conference on the White House lawn, the President stated “Today is a great day in America. Its a great day for all Americans, I hope George is looking down. It’s a great day for George?” A great day? America is in turmoil Mr. President! Lest we forget, there is still an active pandemic taking lives and destroying dreams. As the week comes to a close 110,000 Americans have lost their battle against COVID-19. That’s three times the death total of any other country (3x). And in most states cases continue to rise…..”A great day?” Innocent “good people” were gassed in D.C., to clear space so you could walk out for a photo opt (holding a bible quite awkwardly) at that……”A great day?” Families are suffering, the question of whether schools well reopen in the fall is still largely undecided, and Wash, DC is literally under Marshall law.

Some “unidentified law enforcement group is patrolling the District of Columbia in humvees and helicopters… And Mr. President you consider this a “great day?” The nation needs to heal. You have said and surely you have not acted in any way to address the frustration and you have the audacity to utter  its a “great day in America!?” The President’s elation was due to the latest Unemployment rate down from north of 15% to 13.5% – 12%. “We are opening up and its a great day in America,” beamed the President.

The employment rate for POC remains at 15% and higher. It does not take into account those that stopped looking as the opportunities were becoming fewer and fewer. A great day in America? A 75 yr old man was pushed  violently to the ground by officers in DC. In LA an officer pulled down a protesters face mask and pepper strayed him in the face.  “Great day in America?” America has enjoyed “great days” but today was not one. America will recover and enjoy “great days” going forward, but no Mr. President today was not one.

Maybe if the 75 yr-old pushed violently to the ground recovers or the person pepper strayed have no ill effects or the individuals attacked by Officers w/their nigthsticks (billyclubs).And maybe, just maybe when the person that took George Floyd’s life is convicted and those that stood by and said nothing or attempted to stop the horrendous act are all convicted. And come November, if people Vote as they have never Voted before…….Then, Mr. President, then maybe it will be a great day….Matter of fact, I’m sure it will be a great day!!

Writers note: If you are not registered to Vote, now is the time to register and prepare not only to Vote in November, but also in your local School Board and City elections. Vote in your local elections. Vote early! Request a ballot, complete it and return by mail. A proven and safe system!!

Stay safe!!

Danny L. White  currently lives in Phoenix, AZ.  He is the author and creative lead for the Sensational letter “S”, a children’s book focused on early reading comprehension and word development.

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