Note to America/GOP: The Trump Experiment Has Failed Terribly


Note to America/GOP: The Trump Experiment has failed terribly! 1st Presidential Debate was anything but! ….Rush to confirm Supreme Court Justice?  

By D.L. White

 It’s time for America to take a reality check, and examine itself from the inside out. Close examination from the inside (politically speaking) will reveal those who cast votes for one Donald J. Trump, to become the 45th president of the United States, while idealistically hoping that his business acumen would lead to something positive, now have to rethink that thought as the 2020 Primary Elections draws near. The Trump Presidency has been costly in more ways than one and of greater concern the impact of Trump’s time in the Oval Office, has deteriorated (literally) domestic and international stability. The Trump experiment has failed badly. The President does not have the temperament, diplomatic understanding or the ability to relate to the American populous.

Tuesday, September 29, will live forever (or for a long time) in how far the once proud and respected office of President of the United States has devolved.There in prime time with a national television audience watching in anticipation of the debate, President Trump presented more as a combatant in the Octagon, hurling uncontrolled verbal attacks as someone kicking and punching out of control, hoping to land a serious blow. Speaking out of turn, speaking beyond his time limit, not answering questions, deviating often to hurl “refuted” (unsubstantiated) verbal attacks on his Democratic opponent turned the much anticipated night into a “cannot wait for this to end evening” according to most observers. If the debate debacle was not bad enough, now Trump with Senator Mitch McConnell’s assistance is rushing Trump’s Supreme Court nominee through the confirmation process. To his credit, the former Vice President held up to Trump’s constant barrage of verbal attacks and bully tactics often turning away from Trump to a camera directly appealing to the American public.

The moderator for the evening was Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday Anchor) who attempted to corral and reel Trump in time and time again. Trump’s constant outburst and failure to answer questions completely resulted in most post-debate Polls calling the Vice President a unanimous winner as it related to: 1) Truthfulness  2) Ability to handle COVID-19 as well as 3) The Economy.

“I have never been as ashamed of my country as I was tonight. What was Trump doing?” asked Kelly Anderson, an educator in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Said Anderson, “I had my students tune in hoping they could view democracy in real time. I am so upset by this. This was not democracy, it was despicable, it was immature, not presidential, it was absurd,” stated Anderson still seething from the televised event.

“Why didn’t the moderator turn off Trump’s mic?” asked Clyde Ellington.

“I can’t believe there are two more of these (debates) scheduled. I don’t need to see or hear anymore. This was too much,” stated Gwen Jordan of Phoenix.

“Trump proved himself to be the unpresidential, fake individual many of us believed him to be,” said Mike Simpson a former educator in response to the debate.

Michelle Obama, the former first Lady might have said it best, when she stated,

“The Presidency does not make you who you are, it reveals who you are.”

Tim Scott and Susan Collins, have joined respected members of the GOP including Lindsey Graham.Electing someone to the Oval Office, having never served in an elected capacity at any level or having had to answer for their actions to a diverse board or body has proven to be ineffective and costly to the nation. Members of Congress should consider amending the criteria to seek the office of President of the US by: 1). Affirming a person seeking the office of President of the United States, must have served in some capacity of public interest and have been elected to such (preferably a statewide office).

We are where we are. The road to recovery for the entire country rest with how much one Donald Trump will move from his current position to a more amicable, presidential one.  Can Trump change?

Danny L. White  currently lives in Phoenix, AZ.  He is the author and creative lead for the Sensational letter “S”, a children’s book focused on early reading comprehension and word development. He is also a Adjunct faculty member at Maricopa College, and staff reporter for the Arizona Informant.
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