Official Trailer: Tyler Perry’s DIVORCE IN THE BLACK starring Meagan Good, Cory Hardrict and more…


The film follows Ava, a young bank professional who is devastated when her husband Dallas abandons a marriage she is determined to fight for. But then fate intervenes, revealing Dallas’ wicked deeds that have trashed their marriage, and once upon a time sabotaged Ava’s destiny to be loved by her true soulmate.

“Making DIVORCE IN THE BLACK was born out of wanting to tell Ava’s story.  She is surrounded by all this power through her foundation – her family and friends.  She has all the power inside of her but that power is somehow lost in her marriage.  So it was important for her character to find her way, to show that journey back to her power.”

Tyler Perry

Directed by | Tyler Perry

Written by | Tyler Perry

Produced by | Tyler Perry, Meagan Good, Angi Bones, Will Areu, Dianne Ashford

Starring | Meagan Good, Cory Hardrict, Joseph Lee Anderson, Shannon Wallace, Taylor Polidore, with Richard Lawson and Debbi Morgan

Click on link to watch Trailer.

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