Phoenix Author DL White Releases New Book Celebrating Diversity in Youth

 “Discovering the SAUNK in U!”

Just in time for the “Holiday Season” & New Year, the opportunity to encourage/build an early appreciation for reading, the author of the well received “The Sensational Letter S” (2016), now comes this salute and celebration of youth – “Discovering the SAUNK in (U) You!”  An exciting rhyme and read that celebrates the diversity in youth.  

A child can be tall or small, have brown eyes, blue eyes, hazel or green eyes, a full head  of hair or bald, a fast runner or just barely a crawl, they are all exceptional and a blessing for just being themselves. 

Children learn during play and play to learn. All children do best in a safe, supportive  environment or space that allows and encourage individual and group interaction growth opportunities. Discovering the SAUNK in (U) You, celebrates youth, all youth! 


It is often quoted and noted that reading is Fundamental – However, the author (DL White) believes Reading is Essential to the Soul and FUNdamental as well!

The book is available via AMAZON by authors name DL White or book title:
Discovering the SAUNK in U, From the author of the Sensational Letter S!

About the Author:

DL White has been an avid reader from an early age. His love of reading began with his older brother’s comic books and the comic strip in the daily paper (Temple, Texas). DL advanced to children’s books and the Ebony & Jet magazines, he would read and recall information from cover to cover. DL moved on to read and study historical and cultural developments in the US and around the world. DL implemented the highly successful 1st Friday Read-In opportunity to encourage word development, and early reading comprehension by young readers at the Head start level. The program was initiated at the BT Washington Child Development Center (2018-19) with the late Hon. Calvin C. Goode who founded the learning center with his wife – the late Georgia Goode, as a guest reader. DL has since implemented “Summer Read-In Opportunities” in San Diego, California, Temple, Texas and Phoenix, AZ, in memory and to honor his late Uncle Fready & Aunt Dr. Mary Alice Jimmerson, longtime residents of San Diego, California. 

DL’s goal is to publish a series of books in the “Sensational Letter S” series by grade/reading levels, that are stimulate, inspire and challenge readers while adding to their ability to make good choices and think – critically and problem solve. We all benefit when the next generation of readers and leaders are prepared to take on the expected and unexpected challenges of tomorrow.

Reading is FUNdamental!

For more information:

Contact: DL White

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