Phoenix:  Ques Team with Red Cross for “Gift of Life!”

Blood is Needed during the Summer

By DL White

Roger and Val Wells look on as  Stanley White (Beta Sigma Chapter 72/ OPPF) donates. 

The brotherhood of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc, Phi Iota & Xi Nu Nu, rolled up their sleeves recently to host their quarterly Dr. Charles R. Drew Blood drive at the Cesar Chavez Library & Community Center, 37th Ave & Baseline. The accumulative total of units donated will benefit hundreds of individuals across the state in need of whole blood and or many of the derivatives from a unit of blood. During the summer months, blood is often needed at greater rates than at any other time during the year, as regular donors go on vacation and supplies become quite limited.

“Blood is always needed, and more so during the summer as blood supplies often run low. If we can have those individuals come in and donate that are O negative that helps as that particular blood type can be used by any blood type” noted Blood drive Coordinator April..

The quarterly drive is held in honor of Bro. Dr. Charles R Drew, a member of the Fraternity who is credited w/ being the father of Blood Banks and who is known for having discovered the process to preserve whole blood and its many derivatives including blood plasma (the 1930s). Dr. Drew was hired by the British to set up Blood Banks throughout Europe during WWII (1941-43). This in turn saved hundreds/thousands of lives. 

Dr. Drew became disenchanted w/ the British when he discovered they were segregating blood by race, although he clearly and succinctly demonstrated that “blood” is not distinguished by ethnicity but “blood-type” (AB + or -) or O-, which can be given to either blood type. Dr. Drew returned to the US and taught and continued his research until a fatal car accident in North Carolina on an icy road in 1950.

All Americans and people/nations around the world owe a great deal to Dr. Drew and his life-saving work! Another Critical Race Achievement (that is not theory but Facts)! The quarterly drives held in conjunction with the Red Cross are held at various venues across the greater metropolitan Phoenix area.

“I want to thank the brotherhood and everyone else for coming out and donating today. Blood of all types is always appreciated and needed and especially during the summer,” noted Thomas Perry, the Chapters Social Action Chairperson, and Blood Drive Coordinator. 

“I’m especially grateful to the Brothers from Xi Nu Nu for supporting this effort, shared Thomas as the chapter Basileus (presidents) of XNN and Phi Iota, Terry Williams and Jeff Birthright looked on.

“It’s been a good start to the day and weekend,” said Birthright nothing hours earlier both chapters took part in Service Saturday, Project Humanities Homeless Outreach.

Roger and Val Wells look on as  Stanley White (Beta Sigma Chapter 72/ OPPF) donates. 

“Service is what we (Omega’s) do and why I became an Omega,” said Williams, adding “I saw early how Omega’s contributed to the community when I was growing up. I always knew I would one day become an Omega.”

To learn how you can donate and locate a Blood Drive near you go to

Or call 800-RED CROSS (800-733-2767)

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