Photos: Aww, Daddy’s Lil Girls! A Few of Our Fav Chocolate Dad’s

There’s just something about being a Daddy’s girl. Researchers from Woodruff Health Sciences Centre in Atlanta, and a study published on Behavioral Neuroscience, father’s tend to be more responsive to their daughters than to their sons. Researchers found that ‘When a child cried out or asked for Dad, fathers of daughters responded to that more than did fathers of sons.’

Interesting, I wonder if this study holds true when it comes to the images below of a few of our favorite celebrity dads and their darling little girls.

We think so.  Read more of the study at APA.ORG.

Have ya’ll seen Cori B aka Snoops baby girl perform? This beautiful young lady is certainly a chip off of the old block. She has her daddy’s stage presence style.


Steph’s girls! These two cutie patuties, Riley and Ryan are the real Winner’s of the NBA Championships Game. I know at least one of them can hoop. Aww heck, both of them! Let’s go get em’ girls!
Just, precious! LeBron’s beautiful little angel, Zuri. Betcha she can hoop!


If this beauty isn’t her daddy’s twin! It’s obvious that Heaven Hart is the apple of her daddy’s (Kevin Hart) eye.
Aww, proud papa Spike Lee kissing his baby girl, Satchel on her cute cheeks after her high school. graduation. Adorable!
On Instagram post @ChanceThe Rapper’s caption is “Come Through Queen.” We know who’s calling the shots here, daddy’s girl, Miss Kensli Bennett. What a cutie!



Prolific Grammy-award winning rapper Nas and his beautiful daughter Destiny, who’s quite the entrepreneur. Yas, Queen Destiny!


Luna, daughter of John Legend is adorable. You can tell by the image she’ll be glued to her daddy’s hip.


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