Poetic Voices: A MOTHER TO LOVE

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 10, we invited our readers to share interviews, poetry and thoughts on motherhood.

Below read Theodore Mosley’s poetic voiceย in the following.




"A Mother to Love" Written by Thomas Mosely
“A Mother to Love” Written by Theodore Mosley

She is on a distant land within her mind as she crosses the path of her life for all to see.

Her days are without hands of forgiveness as she enters her world of torture that holds her.

Broken in her spirit, she develops a source of pain that drives her to abandonment with her love.

When you have a mother to love, your eyes are lost in life for the doors of life to carry you.

Taken out of time to endure time, her flow is awakened by communications of hostile moments.

Dreaming of days when freedom was free, her dreams have become unsettled horizons of dawns.ย 

Making her way through the maze of corruptions, her nights offer her up for unsanctions of pleasures.

A mother to love withstands the hopelessness of innocence throughout the criteria of unwarranted love.

Pregnant with lies she faces the walls of destruction in her eyes as she disassemble thoughts to come.

Facing the truth in the heart of a woman gives her strength to combat the fires that burn her soul.

Acquiring the knowledge that left her soul without void, she climbs the winds of arrogance and stands united.

Having a mother to love endures the mountains of swift feet’s that encamps her emotions in hollowness.

Saving her address of intelligence, she surrenders the heartache of less than and pursued global worthiness.

Descending from the hills of obstruction, her heart propels her beyond the clouds of chains on her life.

Resurrected from the tomb of her fears, she ascends to the social events of her differences and declares victory.

Fortified with her hands, a mother to love bridges her heart without expectations and finds happiness.

Her weapon of Chastity conquers the mind of illicit combats of territorial fights to demean her.

Sending the cascade of her curves, she engulfs the scene of tribunal mediocrity and diffuses her calamity

On the winds of sacred harmony, she devours the arrows of insulated suffering with coronations of humility.

A mother to love gives conquest of inseparable conditions for dreams to comprehend beyond measure.

Written by Theodore Mosley








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