Poetic Voices: BLACK WOMEN

She is the hierarchy that presents solutions to cultural diversity. 

The Black Woman is organized in her mind beyond the thoughts of salutations. 

She effortlessly slays with her words of contentment in hostile environments.

When she digresses, she elevates; the wholeness of her being travails life.

Confident in her weakness, she strengthens her clarification of a Black Woman.

Her magnificent grace, her undeniable beauty is in counterfeits of other cultures.

Constant and consistent she glows with intelligence as she walks the platform of her aura. 

Without hypocrisy her fierceness is proclaimed as a crown jewel that is yet to be discovered.

Her fossil of humanity is the Institution of humanity; naturally entombed in wisdom; sanctioned in creation for her blackness.

Black Woman you are a city that is set on a hill that cannot be hidden.

She embraces life behind the curtains to applaud life in her view.

Her creation is coveted like gold without purchasing it. 

The density of her proclamation is craved with eyes of desires from distant shores.

The gazelle of her walk destroys planets that tried to subdue her. 

Watch her countenance; hear her walk; experience her altar; sojourn her truth; articulate her expressions; witness her purification; crown her justification; watch her choregraph of life; and still I rise; Black Woman.

Written by Theodore Mosley

January 27, 2021  

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