Poetic Voices: Democracy of White Privileges

Written by Theodore Mosley

We shall overcome, we shall overcome, chants of USA, USA.
The land of the free, the land  of the free, the land of the free.
Tortured in the land of the free; our bodies were used for towing in the land of the free.

Our wasteland of democracy was heard in the valley of death. 
Slaves to white democracy that yielded genocide to black democracy.
Our platform of depression constituted lies of hate from our birth.

Generational democracy of their love; their ultimatum of chains or death; plantations of screams; we shall never forget!  
Their curriculum of nigger, their curriculum of monkey, their curriculum of not human; our humanity was their pleasure of humanity. 
The revolution of Crispus Attucks; martyred for human rights.

Gasoline torches of night riders; sacred buildings of bombs; Black human life of flames; Tulsa Black Wall Street Massacre. 
With their birth the doctor anointed them; the law said at eighteen your democracy entitled you. 
Your covenant of our birth declared war; our democracy were generations of graves in the land. 
The Black Man the Black Woman, our blood sings songs of democracy. 

Democracy of Black Privilege is death by protesting; death with our hands up; death with don’t question me; death with our skin color; death with perceived as threats; death with jogging; death in the wrong apartment. Democracy of Black Privilege is tombstones not yet engraved.
The Capital Building: Democracy of White Privileges has no death threats! 

Written by Theodore Mosley

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