Poetic Voices: Inspired to Preserve the Legacy of Harriet Tubman


Written by Theodore Mosley

Freedom of speech freedom of choice, her spirit was not to be chained to a plantation.

Fierce and tenacious in character her steps were ordained in her culture of blackness.

Death and freedom occupied her mind for dangerous journeys not to be denied on her path of righteousness. 

Her visions incarcerated her spirit to forge a new path of declarations for untold celebrations of life.

Coded songs of messages endured the time of perilous times for her enemies.

Without regard of her life she soared on the mantle of death with each step of her reconciliation.

Her constitution of peace was death without dissimulation; democracy became her wind of justification. 

The birth chains of birth on plantations of lies erupted in her soul of unquenchable destinies. 

In the spirit of Nat Turner she abolished the docile truth of their fields of plenteous.

Fear castrated her thinking; a sound mind ruptured their idealism of freedom.

Moses enlisted Pharaoh to let GOD’S people go to worship Him in the wilderness on a three days journey.

Black pride with black excellence; her culture of blackness reached the depth of kill or be killed.

Black Moses aka Harriet Tubman embodied the constitution of let freedom ring; give me liberty or give me death; I go and prepare a place for you.

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