Wednesday, December 7, 2022

R&B Divas: LA. TV-One Hosts Premiere Event


Rooftop of the London Hotel in West Hollywood. Photo: The Chocolate Voice

On July 9, on the rooftop of the cosmopolitan chic and California cool, London Hotel in Los Angeles, TV-One held its R&B Divas LA premiere event.

R&B Divas LA is the networks latest reality TV spinoff of, “R&B Divas Atlanta.”

The Chocolate Voice had a chance to catch up with the LA Diva’s and other red carpet guests, snap a few shots and party on the rooftop like Diva’s.

Claudette Ortiz, formerly of

Claudette Ortiz, formerly of “City High”/Photo:  The Chocolate Voice

Tammy Townsend (R), "Family Matters," and "The Preachers Kid," and fellow actresses. Photo credit:  The Chocolate Voice

Tammy Townsend (R), “Family Matters,” and “The Preachers Kid,” and fellow actresses. Photo: The Chocolate Voice

Chanté Moore

Chanté Moore

Skylar "Skye" Townsend, Daughter of Robert Townsend

Skylar “Skye” Townsend, Daughter of Robert Townsend

Kelly Price, Photo:  The Chocolate Voice

Kelly Price, in addition to R&B Divas:  LA Kelly is launching her Reality Show:  Too Fab for Fame/Photo: The Chocolate Voice

Lil' Mo "Let's turn it up."

Lil’ Mo “Let’s turn it up.” Photo:  The Chocolate Voice



Be sure to catch R&B Divas: LA starring, Kelly Price, Chanté Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le, and Dawn Robinson. The first episode airs on July 10 on TV-One.


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