By Camille Shavon

Growing up as the eldest child of a teenage mother had its share of adversity and challenges. After all, one might say, “you actually grow and learn together!”

I am a firm believer that God orders your steps and predestineds your path. Thus I can truly say, aside from birthing four children of my own, that growing up with, learning from, emulating and honoring my mother, Wanda R. Moody, has been the most rewarding experience of my life!!

In this interview, you will witness the courage, strength, and wisdom of a very profound woman who has not only impacted my life, but as a former educator for more than three decades in the Chicago Public School System, she has unequivocally made a positive contribution to her community and society at large.


Pictured: Camille Shavon and mother Sharon Moody.
Pictured: Camille Shavon and mother Wanda Moody.

What is your definition of motherhood?

“Motherhood is bringing forth a child, which is a Gift from God, and praying for the wisdom and knowledge to have a clear sense of what God called you to be…one that values parental care and family relationships…exhibiting self-sacrificing love and always remembering that love shown to a child is by Divine Prerogative and can not be successfully exemplified through human manipulation.”

Having become a mother at the age of 16, what advice would you give to teenage mothers?

“Teenage years are a critical period in a young persons life…making mistakes at this age can have serious long-term consequences. However, I am a firm believer that one should take 100% responsibility for every choice made in life. Therefore I encourage teenage mothers to begin making positive choices and decisions that will not only enhance the quality of their life but the lively hood of their child’s as well. I would also like to encourage them to get serious about education, strive to fulfill their dreams, and always remember that your purpose is not defined by what others think of you…YOU ARE WHO GOD SAYS YOU ARE!!!”

How did education change your life?

“A famous person once said, Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have NO meaning… These words have a definitive meaning and has played an integral part in my life. I always knew that I could have an impact on the world by becoming a teacher and to fulfill my destiny it was imperative that I receive an education. I was the first in my family to receive a college degree and I thank God for the vision, strength, and most of all the opportunity to inspire a community of learners who have the ability to one day change the world!”

This concludes my interview but I wish to leave you with this sentiment… It would be more beneficial to our world if we took more than one day out of the year to honor our mothers…

Have a Wonderful and Blessed Mothers Day!

Camille Shavon is a freelance journalist and, Chairman of Media/Publicity, NAACP Jackson, Tennessee.

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