San Diego Black Police Officers Association to dedicate Substation to Slain Police Officer

Officer Archie Calvin Buggs was brutally murdered November 4, 1978. His tragic death has gone unmemorialized for 39 years. Over the last several years, the San Diego Black Police Officers Association (SDBPOA) has worked tirelessly to get a memorial for Archie worthy of bringing pride to his legacy and his family. That day has finally come.
Thanks in no small part to Council President Myrtle Cole and Chief Zimmerman, the City of San Diego will dedicate the Southeastern Division Substation to Archie Buggs on the 39th anniversary of his life being taken, November 4, 2017 at 10 am at 7222 Skyline Drive where the building will officially be renamed the Archie Buggs Memorial Police Building. We ask that you attend this special ceremony in honor of Archie and share this occasion with Archie’s family and the police department.
In helping to bring this day to fruition, the BPOA wishes to thank the Buggs Family for their sacrifice and for continuing to work together with the SDBPOA to find something special for Archie. We also want to thank Council President Cole and her staff, Chief Zimmerman, Mayor Faulconer, and Captain Charlot and his staff.
* Requesting Retiree members who wish to speak at the event to please contact Ben Kelso at (619) 980-4782 *
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