San Diego Things to Do: Acapella Musical Revue, VOiCES ‘We Still Ain’t Got A Band.’


(San Diego, CA) Ira Aldridge Repertory in collaboration with San Diego Continuing Education Division, Educational Cultural Complex present: VOiCES ‘We Still Ain’t Got A Band.’  The production will run Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, November 6, 2015, through November 22 at the Educational Cultural Complex Performing Arts, located at 4343 Ocean View Blvd., San Diego, CA.  Ticket prices $25 and $35.
From back-in-the-day doo-wop street-corner singing to the complex harmonies and virtual orchestration of current-day Acapella, this new musical revue VOiCES cover’s it all. The latest in the award-winning series by Calvin Manson comes to San Diego’s Educational Cultural Complex with a large and talented cast of top-notch singers, who have no problem moving from R&B, pop, rock and soul to jazz and gospel. Along with favorites from the great groups of the past, like The Platters, The Moonglows, The Temptations and The Coasters, you’ll also hear pitch-perfect renditions of more contemporary hits from artists like Michael Jackson, John Legend, Paul Simon and, The Beatles, as part of this energetic and entertaining show.
For more information contact Calvin @ (619) 283-4574 or visit
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