Serena Williams is Number 1 in the World!


Serena Williams is the only player, man or woman to win 23 Grand Slam Singles titles. Ranking 35-year-old Williams No. 1 in the world!

In a match like no other, in Saturday’s Australian Open final, Serena beat her 36-year-old sister Venus.

It’s hard to believe that the world first watched two sisters play their first professional match against each other 19 years ago, when Venus was 17 years old and Serena 16.

“Still to this day we work side-by-side each other at practice,” Serena said. “We motivate each other. Like I said on the court, every time she won her match, I felt obligated to win, I’ve got to win, too. The motivation she gives me, it’s really second to nothing. It’s amazing.”

Serena’s 6-4, 6-4 win for the Australian Open trophy for the 7th time, is historically remarkable.

“It’s such a great feeling to have 23,” Williams said. “It really feels great. I’ve been chasing it for a really long time. It feels like, really long time. When it got on my radar, I knew I had an opportunity to get there, and I’m here.”

On her Twitter, Serena posted,

Serena Williams @serenawilliams 9h

9 hours ago


The top is never lonely when your best friend @venuseswilliams is there. Here’s to 23.

We couldn’t be prouder of all of that #BlackExcellence and #BlackGirlMagic that the Williams Sister’s share with the world.

Congratulations Serena!

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