Slumber Parties By Monique: Fast Growing, Lucrative Business Opportunity


Slumber Parties By Monique: Fast Growing, Lucrative Business Opportunity for Women



(San Diego, CA) – May 31,  2013–Independent Consultant and Military Diva with lethal weapons, Monique Bolden is pleased to announce her business, Slumber Parties by Monique.

Slumber Parties is a leading female-owned intimate products company and one of the hottest and fastest growing businesses in the country today. It appeals to a growing market of women who want to embrace sensuality and confidence.

The goal of the company is to empower women through fun in-home parties, rewarding career opportunities and a sizzling product line.

Hosted in the same fashion as Tupperware parties and Mary Kay, Slumber Parties are “at home parties” of the new millennium. Hosted in the privacy of their home amongst family and friends, in a party atmosphere that’s tasteful, entertaining and enlightening, they are parties that offer the customer a collection of items for their love life, products to make them laugh, and make great gift ideas.

Established in 1993, Slumber Parties have earned a reputation for strong sales, service and satisfaction.

After meeting with marketing experts and comprising a program, Bolden learned that the Slumber Parties business has more than quadrupled every year, which is one of the many reasons she found that getting into this industry was a no brainer.

Bolden says, “When a woman is educated and aware of her own wants, needs and desires, it will enhance the opportunity for success in all other areas of her life.”

About Monique:  Monique Bolden holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising from Howard University located in Washington DC. Born in Harlem, New York and raised all over the world as a Navy brat. Monique joined the military in October 2003 and proudly serves her country in the Army National Guard, in addition to operating her full-time business, Slumber Parties By Monique. Monique has run a successful business for seven years, which she says has helped her marketability and confidence.  Monique takes pride in her business and products on keeping married people together and single people safe.


For a more information on booking a Slumber Party or business opportunities contact [email protected] or visit



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