Summer 2015: Create the lifestyle you desire

Welcome to Summer 2015!  Memorial Day brings about the beginning of summer, with kick off barbecues, and warmer weather.  As Spring departs and Summer approaches, not only does the season change but we’re also challenged to change with the season.  Spring brought about ‘Spring Cleaning,’ the need to de-clutter, take out the old to welcome the new.  Summer brings about a feeling of freedom.  As students, it means the end of the school year and beginning of a long, well-needed break.  As adults, summer represents vacations with family/friends, relaxing in the long, warm days, etc.

As seasons and climates change externally, I’m always reminded to take an internal look and identify any necessary changes.  It’s generally easier to make external changes (change your wardrobe, clean out an old chest or drawer, etc.).  The difficult and sometimes uncomfortable changes occur when we take an internal look at ourselves and determine the things that could use some spring cleaning (in the Spring and beyond), or freedom (in the Summer).

So this month, I’d like to challenge us to air out our dirty laundry (so to speak).  Don’t worry, our laundry doesn’t need to be aired out in public or doesn’t even need to be aired out to another individual.  Our laundry can be aired out to/with ourselves.

Simply take personal inventory of your life/current self.  Determine the things that could use improvement or could be discarded of altogether.  For instance, are you happy with your current job/career?  If not, what are some things that can be done to improve your occupation?  The improvement may be as simple as taking on a different/new set of responsibilities that closely align with your passion or expertise.  Likewise, are you happy with yourself as a whole?  If this is an area of opportunity, where/what can be improved?  Are you overworked, bored, or just in a rut?  Take a look at the things that tend to hinder you personally.  Are you happy with your health?  Do you feel sluggish or tired?  Take a look at your eating habits and/or daily activities.  Small, simple changes may be all that are needed to affect a huge change in your daily routine. 

We adjust to seasons changing all year, every year.  It is just as simple to adjust and adapt to a different/better lifestyle.  The key is taking the first step in defining, then creating the lifestyle that we desire.  As with anything, consistency is key in maintaining your new desired life/outcome.  Happy Summer!

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Tamara Kegler

Tamara Kegler is a freelance blogger and full-time Human Resources professional. Originally from Miami, FL, she currently resides in San Diego, CA with her husband. Tamara enjoys reading, writing, motivating/inspiring others, and basking in the Miami (or California) sunshine.

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