The best part of Christmas dinner is a Messy Kitchen

In reflecting on the holidays one of the best parts about making Christmas dinner, is a messy kitchen. Picture this, open bags of sugar and flour, sticks of butter, dirty pots and pans sprawled out all over the counter. Family getting in each other’s way, vying for space to make their “specialty” dish.

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At least that’s how it is in our home.

Every year, everyone in my family wants to cook or bake something. They’ll probably kill me for writing this but, none of us really enjoy cooking, except during the holidays. 

Perhaps because during the holidays is when we test out our culinary skills to friends and family, who without fail, ask the question?  Can I take home a plate?

That being said, maybe our cooking isn’t so bad.  Perhaps we enjoy it after all.

My husband, the self proclaimed King of mince meat cookies, is the biggest kitchen hog of all, but the least messy. I never dreamed of tasting cookie’s called mince meat, but they’re actually delicious!  The recipe is his late grandmother’s, who was an amazing cook. I’ve been warned not to give out the recipe, or there will be hell to pay.

Our daughter, likes to come up with the more extravagant dishes, the ones which have the most extraordinary ingredients. You know, the speciality cheeses and such. The exotic items that you can never find at the local grocery store. Besides that, she needs to most space and her dishes take the longest to make.  She’s a true diva in the kitchen.531206_387321801360070_1071945913_n

As for me, I’m not ashamed to admit that I am the messiest one in the family. I typically cook the entrees; Collard greens, Mac n Cheese and Dressing which I’m pretty darn good at, if I say so myself.  Although, while I’m in the process of creating, stuff is flying everywhere. Our kitchen looks like a whirlwind tornado has just hit.  Let me just call it what it is, Tornado Gwen.  And if that don’t beat all, would you believe that I’ve convinced myself that the brain works best in a chaotic kitchen?

The most important ingredient of our messy kitchen, is that we get to spend valuable time strengthening our family bond, over kitchen space and creating food. Cooking together over the holidays is somewhat of a team building exercise for us. We learn more and more about each other. It teaches us how to love more and to be patient with each other.  

Every holiday season I’m reminded of little things like a messy kitchen and, that let’s me know the importance of being surrounded by family.

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