Three Self Care Apps We Could All Use

Apps are the best way to get things done if you’re a busy person and they’re very convenient. In future posts, I’ll be making suggestions about apps I use and some that are good for business or just everyday use to make life more simple. 

Today, we are focusing on apps for self-care and mental health. It’s something that is very important to me and in the last year, I’ve been practicing it a lot more. It’s important that we pay more attention to our mental health. Here are three different apps that I’ve used or currently use to practice self-care. 


This is the first app I downloaded when I was looking for an app that I could use on the go. If you need help de-stressing, meditating and getting a better nights sleep, this is the app for you. It’s great to use literally anywhere you are. This is perfect for someone with social anxiety. You can do exercises in the bathroom before being in a big crowd or a highly anxious place. It’s also perfect for the kiddos too, a great app for the entire family. 


Scared to meet with a therapist? Too busy to physically meet with a therapist? Then this is perfect for you. It costs much less than most therapist and is just very convenient for a busy person. You can video chat, talk on the phone and text message. I used this when I was working 40 hrs a week while going to school full-time. I didn’t have any time or energy to go see a therapist and to be honest I was shy. I’ve heard so much about it and finally divided to download the app and pick a therapist. My therapist really helped me to get through a stressful time in my life when I had a lot going on and a lot of pain I couldn’t bear alone. Go check it out! 

Sanity and self 

I’m pretty new to this app but I must say I already love it. It has the whole shebang, from mental health to physical health. Whatever your issue is you can find a solution on this app. There’s an entire community of people who can relate and give advice to what you’re struggling with. You can also choose to be anonymous if you want to protect your privacy.  

Let’s take better care of ourselves and the people around us in order to have a better world! 

Contributing writer Kristy Mclaurin is a 22 year old student from Southern California now living Arkansas.

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