Travel Spotlight Rome: When in Rome, by all means Roam!

Exquisite interior of the Pantheon, Rome's oldest Church
Exquisite interior of the Pantheon, Rome’s oldest Church

 This ancient city is almost unmatched in the extent of its history and its plethora of spectacular landmarks. There is no shortage of sights to see in this dream travel destination, and naturally tourists are drawn to the famous sights. Before tackling the Colosseum, Emperor’s Palace and Roman Forum-which are all right next to each other-tourists should consider hiring a private tour guide for the day. Although these sights need no explanation for their extravagance and display of Roman power, the detailed history an experienced tour guide can give visitors cannot be compared to the summary given by most guidebooks and Internet articles. In addition, to further explore the culture and history of the city, tourists should pay a visit to the Pantheon and the Vatican. While at the Vatican, visitors should pay attention to the extensive mosaics adorning the walls of Saint Peter’s Cathedral, and should tour the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. However, if the crowd becomes too much at the Vatican, a tourist could easily get a sense of the splendor of Rome’s churches by ducking into any of the churches on some of the side streets, all of which feature unique artwork.

Article written by Emily Kohlheim

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