University of San Diego (UCSD) Geisel Library Celebrate Earth Week in a DIY Maker Event

(San Diego, CA ) To celebrate Earth Week, University of San Diego (UCSD) Geisel Library hosted an impressive DIY Maker Event on April 22.   Participants gained valuable information and resources on non-toxic cleaning products and, recyclable materials to encourage sustainability.

A variety of maker stations were set up to share resources on making non-toxic cleaning supplies, buttons using recycled book covers, planting a succulent and, how to make reflective bike safety strips and more.

One maker station shared an easy, cheap, non-toxic cleaning product recipe, with the following ingredients: Water, distilled white vinegar, baking soda, fresh lemons, essential oil of your choice: rosemary, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, etc. See recipe below:

DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipe:

1) Warm 4 oz water and pour into container. Next, add a pinch of baking soda. Watch it foam up

2) Add 4 oz of white vinegar.

3) Squeeze the juice of one lemon!

4) Add only 5 drops of each Essential oil of your choice

5) Shake and spray

Note:  If using a mason jar to store, use wax paper or cloth underneath lid, so that metal does not contact with vinegar.  Use within a couple of weeks.  Shake well before each use!

Check out  a few photos of participants at the event discovering the benefits of making eco-friendly products and reusing consumables on a daily basis.


Demonstration on how to make reflective bike safety strips.


A  spin the wheel game was played that included prizes to participants who answered the right question on protecting the earth.


Demonstration on DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning products.

Do you know what goes into the trash vs what's recycled?

Do you know what goes into the trash vs what’s recycled?


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