Win or lose, half of the country Supports Trump

It’s obvious to all, but some don’t mind or actually believe that Covid and climate change, are myths.

Not recognizing Qanon as fantastical nonsense (where is the outrage of the 10s of thousands of parents who have ‘lost’ children to cannibalism?) and Trumpian self-dealing in your face boggles the mind. It is almost anti-christ-like maniacal behavior to be so totally taken in by the fraud and massive deceit. And yet, 40 + percent have swallowed hook line and sinker. It does not bode well for the US of A’s future.

Part of the issue is a public ignorance of our history, slavery, racism toward almost every non-white ethic immigrant or native people, abuse and destruction of massive natural resources for the benefit of generational profits against long-term costs. All of us raised in the USA have been fed myths about our ‘greatness’ when in fact we essentially ‘stole’ land and resources as the western expansion proceeded east to west, annihilating Native people, and many prior settlers from countries like Mexico who had occupied the territory previously for as long as 600 generations.

Americans are exceptional, but in many distasteful ways that we tend to pass over in a myth-like manner rather than accepting our flaws and misdeeds and correcting them to everyone’s benefit. 

Unfortunately greed and avarice are culturally developed traits based on a widely mistaken notion of what constitutes ‘freedom’ vs responsibility.We are facing the consequences now of confronting the elements of our worst and better natures. It is not pretty and ‘shows poorly’ to the world at large.

Check out article written in the Los Angeles Times that discusses the relevancy of the high number of those who voted for President Trump suggests many Americans have embraced his approach to the presidency. Click here to read article in its entirety.

Rick Eastes.

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