All Hail the Class of 2020!

 COVID-19 “Robbed” you of Many Things, Not Your Achievements & Dreams!

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By DL White

Whether you were scheduled to promote from middle school to high school or from high school to college or if you were one of many having concluding a life dream for yourself and family by completing the requirements to earn a college degree, please stand and take a long bow, you earned this moment!

This is your time, celebrate! Enjoy the moment although the moment has been altered and actually tainted with the spoils of the Coronavirus, (COVID-19). 

COVID-19, very much like a thief, has come to rob, steal, destroy and in too many cases kill.

To date, the virus has not only stolen and robbed this nation’s youth of highly anticipated and long awaited spring traditions such as proms, spring sports, senior day off, and most of all graduations. The opportunity to cross the stage, hear your name recited and the screams from family, friends and fellow students……Gone!

America, as of this writing has three times the infected individuals as any country in the world with 1.56 million cases, and 92,098 Americans having lost their lives to the debilitating effects of the virus.

New York continues to lead with 350k confirmed cases and 22,619 New Yorkers having lost their lives, and as the state considers reopening, 1,474 new cases have been identified.

California is 5th with 78,839 confirmed cases with 3,261 having lost the battle. Arizona has 14,651 confirmed cases, with 686 deaths and 233 new cases.

Everyone has been affected in some way by COVID-19  in this country and around the world.

The irony, the virus very much like a large storm cloud, dark and thick, continues to hover overhead with the threat of a downpour at any minute.

The cancellation school, the closure of businesses, restricted and limited flights, and even places of worship holding virtual services, to prevent the massing of individuals together.

Yes, you have a right to be upset, and even mad. However, don’t stay that way.

Yes, you have been robbed (seniors) of that special moment, however, your achievements are not diminished nor should your dreams be broken.

You have earned and deserve the accolades as well as your parents and those that have supported you with a warm smile, a pat on the back or any act affirming you were on the right track and they believed in you.

Even if you had to complete this segment of your journey alone, enjoy the moment, the achievement, and the completion of a definite milestone. 

Your journey does not end here. By no means is this IT!

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