All Hail the Class of 2020!

Rather, use this opportunity. This “down-time” to focus on what it is you want to achieve going forward.

Will the impact of COVID-19 lead you to sharpen your science interest and become part (one day) of the solution for this virus and possible others?

Will you use this opportunity to sharpen or awaken the desire to work with individuals in times of crisis or need as a Social Worker, Nurse, and Research Specialist or even as a Teacher?

Whatever the future holds for you, go forward with the enthusiasm, desire, commitment and intestinal fortitude, that regardless of what the past prevented, the future will more than reward.

This country as well as this world will need competent, caring individuals in all disciplines in the coming years. 

The coronavirus is tough. It is an equal opportunity debilitator. It renders those with health challenges hapless but it also impact youth. Those young and dynamic individuals like yourself.

Do not take this virus for granted. Do not become (or remain angry) because of what you know this virus has taken from you.

Take a deep breath, pick yourself up (literally & physically) speaking, dust off the gloom and know that the tomorrows will be better.

It will take a minute (or two) for the Dr. Anthony Fauci’s and others researching and testing to identify the proper vaccination to knock COVID-19 out. But it will happen.

Every day, they are getting closer. Don’t lose hope and by all means do not lose sight of those bright tomorrows in which you will be counted on to address the challenges of tomorrow.

Congratulations on all your achievements and for being a part of the future, and most of all for never stop dreaming of better tomorrows. ……Dream On Class of 2020! Dream On!!

#AllHailtheClassof2020 #2020Strong!

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