Artist Creatively Uses Paint on Skin to Make Scars Flawless

After reading on Upworthy about the 21-year-old artist, from a small town in Spain, who’s brilliant idea is covering up stretch marks with paint,e just had to share.

Cinta Tort Cartró, known as Zinteta online, says that she has always loved creating art. One day while experimenting with paints in her apartment,  she decided to use her own body as canvas, and she began to take a brush and some paint to her stretch marks. The result was gorgeous pops of color on her skin, that changed they way she viewed her own body.  She says, for the first time, she no longer saw her stretch marks as flaws.

At that point, she began thinking about the pressures society places on women and their bodies, and decided to paint stretch marks on other women, hoping to spread her message of self-acceptance far and wide.

In a short amount of time, her fabulous skin paintings have become revolutionary.

Zinteta is happy to be a part of what she calls a “revolution.”

How cool is that!

Click here to read more about Zinteta on Upworthy.

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