Ask Mama, Anything: A conversation between a Mother and her 12-year old son

Don’t you just love how kids keep it real? They have an innocence that’s genuine and transparent, which is why we’re grateful to have 12-year old Walter interview his Mom Lynita, in our Ask Mama series honoring Mother’s Day. 

Image credit: @jpromos
Image credit: @j_promos

Read below the very poignant, straight forward and to the point conversation between a mother and her 12-year-old son…

Walter: When you first found out you were going to have me what was the first thing that came to your mind?

Lynita: I found out that I was pregnant with you while on a business trip in Canada. I was struggling with the idea of having you knowing that me and your father were not going to last. My coworkers drove me to Banff, which is a ski resort near Calgary. The view was breathtaking. In that moment I felt closest to God. And, I prayed for you. Your grandmother had told me sometime before to pray for your babies before they are born. And I guess it just kind of hit me in that moment to pray for you and so I did. And in that prayer I realized the difficulty in praying for which you cannot see. So it was more of a prayer of faith that God gave me you as you are and I would love you no matter what.

Walter: What do you think I will become when I grow up?

Lynita: I believe you are a phenomenal kid. It’s hard to imagine what you will become when you grow up. There is so much for you to choose from. And I do not want to limit your choices by filling your head with my thoughts and ideas. I know you will become a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. I know you will become a great leader. I know you will be free to live your dreams and see the universe.

Walter:  How many children do you think I will have?

Lynita:  I’m not really sure. I mean of course I would want to believe that you would have at least two kids a boy and a girl but as you can see with mommy having two boys that you really don’t know what you’re going to get. I think because you do love children and I’ve seen you be a helper to other children that you may be open to having as many children as you can take good care of. You love family. You and your brother are family-oriented kids. You both love big family gatherings. You may find it easy to convince your special girl into giving me a host of grand babies!

Lynita and her two sons currently reside in Houston, Texas.  She is the Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer at J Promotions.

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