Celebrating Mother’s Day with Poetry


Written by Theodore Mosley

She is the whole consummation of emotions when her womb of joy is declaring wisdom with understanding. 

Her mind is the strength of her eyes when you look upon her without directions.

Holding his hearts through deceptions and pain she gathers his wounds with arms of healing.

Admonishing his articulation she prepares the doors of the world for him to walk through. 

Sealing the day of atonement she prescribes words of adoration that will guide his path for eternity.

As a baby she transcribed him and as a man she subjected him to valleys of unmanned tribulations.

Faced with the brutality of this world she ordained him with the knowledge of survival.

Running from within brings torment; stand still and see the salvation of your equality. 

She gave him rivers of wisdom to allow his journey to be calculated from infiltrations of the mind. 

The epitome of her love is foretold from birth to death; she surrounds his hearts with a canopy of love. 

Accepting no measurement of failure she directs his education beyond the masters of his degrees.

Murder behold thy mother; domestic violence behold thy mother; daughter behold thy mother; son behold thy mother

Written by Theodore Mosley

May 12, 2017

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