Digital design artist uses his talent to help heal community on virtual platform

During the Pandemic Lester McCurtis is using his talents to help heal the community. He’s a Digital design artist and will display his original Contemporary abstract art on a virtual platform ( Recent studies have shown art displays can be therapeutic, and soothing to calm the nerves, anxiety, depression, dementia, cancer and many other health disorders. Come and view his artwork created from over 20 years and join the discussion on how his digital artwork is created. There will be a free drawing of one of Lester’s artwork for those that mention “The Chocolate Voice” magazine as referral. 

Lester’s art is planned, it shows structure and deliberateness. There is nothing that just happens by accident. As explained in the communications theory of planned behavior his art is intentional. Lester evolves from a very structured and disciplined lifestyle. A US Navy veteran, and practitioner of the martial arts, he’s worked in occupations that required precision measurements, straight lines and congruent angles. 

All this tucked away inside a creative mind that literally can draw anything. Lester began drawing about the age of 9 years old and was immediately attracted to drawing woman’s fashions. The artwork below has a photo of him at that age inserted within the art. 

Lester’s art career started working in the Navy’s Graphics Shop after submitting a portfolio he completed from Platt College’s evening graphic design program. 

Lester has a knack for always taking things a step further and continued studying at Los Angeles Trade Technical College and fell in love with graphics and obtained an associate’s degree in Commercial Art. He became an Art Director soon after graduation and free-lanced for several years with art studios and public relation firms in southern California.

After traveling the world in the US Navy, Lester decided to further his education and completed a Master’s program from Webster University in Florida and more recently from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA. 

Come Join us:  September 26, 2020, 4:30 pm R.S.V.P. (Im Going) at [email protected].

About the artist:

Lester is a pescatarian and practitioner of natural health for over 20 years. He produces an online talk show hosted on his website where his art is also displayed at

He’s a member of Foothills Art Association (La Mesa, CA). The Greater Norristown Art League (GNAL), where his work has been displayed but not limited to: 

United States Air Force Gallery, Montgomery Rehabilitation Center, San Diego Parks and Recreation Art Show, Oreland Art Center Spring Juried Show, Center on the Hill Juried Show, Oreland Art Center Brandywine Dresher Estates Art Exhibition, The Art of It, Gallery.   To hear more about the event click here.

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